Domestic Production Kit Pleurotus

Kit Bag ready to produce 18 kg of Pleurotus ostreatus (Repolga)

Also known as:
Oyster mushroom
Pleurotus ostreatus

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The Pleurotus ostreatus and species exist in nature mainly in the trunks of trees weakened or killed, usually hardwoods. Fruits (yield mushrooms) when the humidity is high and temperatures are low, usually in the autumn.
Kind of easy to grow by developing a wide variety of raw Materials. May be grown in substrate bags (corn straw, wheat leaves, etc.). Or trunks.

Information KIT

Production: The kit will begin their production between 22-30 days after inoculation, this phase starts with the development of small white dots (early), four days after the mushrooms ready for harvesting. After fruiting the kit will go to sleep for 15 to 25 days, starting a new cycle after this period.

Qt produced: The 18kg bag should produce between 5 to 6 kg.

Harvest: Mushrooms (cluster) must be cut at its base, next to the bag with a clean knife. Harvesting should be done when the mushroom is still with his hat into the wound and its size should range between 4-8 cm.

Lifetime: The kit is designed to bear fruit three cycles (crops):

Useful Data:

     Dark room and closed, minimal lighting;
     Temperature between 18 and 22 ° C;
     Ventilation 1m3 per hour;
     Approximately 80% RH;
     Humidity of the substrate is normally sufficient to hatching;
     Incubation time ranges from 22 to 30 days.


Nutritional Value:

     Protein - 4.5%
     Carbohydrates - 4.8%
     Minerals - 1%
     Water - 85-95%
     Fiber - 0.8%
     Calorific value (100g) - 34 cal

  • Height 35 cm
  • Width 55 cm
  • Depth 20 cm
  • Weight 16 a 18 Kg

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